Notes for learners
This learning experience will guide you through a series of provocations and actions to help you forge deeper connections to the work of artist Hayley Millar Baker.

Each experience is structured to provide space for personal reflection. While engaging with these experiences, we suggest that you get comfortable with being uncomfortable and remain open to multiple truths and answers.

There will be moments within this learning experience that engage with notions of trauma. Please take your time during these moments and be considerate of your boundaries.

It is recommended that you progress through the reading material and questions sequentially. You may choose to undertake this process individually or within a group – it is up to you to decide how you want to hold, create and share knowledge.
Notes for teachers
This learning experience is suitable for those in tertiary and secondary education, as well as members of the general public. Its content is relevant across multiple academic disciplines, such as architecture, design, health, communication and education. Although it has not been designed in response to the senior secondary Australian Curriculum, it can be used in the classroom with relevance to English, humanities, science, technologies and the arts. It also responds to the cross-curricular priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and sustainability.

This resource follows an empathy-driven approach to learning, encouraging participants to reflect on their own experiences, memories and understandings in relation to the themes and stories represented in the exhibition.

Additionally, this resource is grounded in reciprocity – information is not given without the learner’s active participation, commitment and involvement.
This resource contains five learning experiences that respond to each photographic series featured in the exhibition. We recommend that you dedicate one hour to each series.  

If you are engaging with this experience in the gallery, we recommend that you look deeply at all artworks in the exhibition and consider the provocations of each learning experience while in the gallery. After your exhibition visit, you can then engage with the action, further information and reaction sections listed under each artwork in this resource to extend and expand on your experience of the exhibition.

If you are engaging with this experience remotely, we recommend viewing all of the images in the series and working through each learning experience sequentially (including provocation, action, further information and reaction). This creates a holistic exhibition experience, regardless of whether or not you can visit the exhibition in person.