My Nan always says to make sure I’m looking properly at all aspects around the story and to learn exactly what is going on at that time. What’s happening in the world at that time? What’s everyone doing? For me, its filling in the gaps and understanding what’s going on around the story and situation to be able to place it properly.

This process of reflecting in a broader sense and considering multiple aspects is what I do during the learning stages of my projects. Considering the why, then understanding why and then accepting why. Accepting it for what it is and not for your particular feelings about something.

I think that the core of my practice is to be able to story tell in a way that makes whoever is looking at [my work] directly reflect on their own story or try and link it to themselves. I leave it as closed or as open as possible for somebody to connect it to a story in their family or their lives, to be able to empathise, I guess…

– Hayley Millar Baker, in conversation, 15 November 2020